Third Party Risk Management

Your Third-Party partners (Service Providers, Vendors, Consultants, Collaborators, Contractors) are a direct reflection on you and your business. If they behave recklessly with your business data, or, even worse, your customers' personal information, it can have a drastic impact on YOUR business. Ensure your vendors and partners understand your expectations and verify that they are capable of meeting your expectations with an affordable, effective, standards-based assessment of their processes, their policies, and their IT infrastructure.  We can help you by:

  • Performing standards-based risk assessments using skilled, experienced assessors. These can be on-site assessments or remote assessments based on self-attestation documents.
  • Identifying gaps in your service providers controls and making recommendations for remediation of those gaps.
  • Provide templates and counsel for partner agreements to ensure proper accountabilities are included in legal agreements.


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